Thursday, November 17, 2011

Review: The Nook Tablet Is A Real Android Slate In Ereader?s Clothing

scaledwm.IMG_4019In the mad rush to push out more and more Android slate products, Amazon and Barnes & Noble are like a calm port in the storm. Their devices are touted as ereaders but, after a bit of digging, you find that they are now considerably more interesting - and compelling - as tablet products for an entry level market. They are not threatening nor are they particularly difficult to grasp. In short, they are the perfect neophyte's tablet, a cross between the simplicity of an e-ink ereader and a fully-featured mobile device. It's good enough at both that people buying it for one purpose will be pleased with the device's other strengths; depending on what you want, it's either an Android slate in ereader's clothing or vice versa. As it stands, the Nook Tablet is an impressive bit of machinery. It is a solid slab of electronics designed to do a few things exceedingly well and - sadly - a few things quite poorly. As a color, touchscreen ereader it is one of the best and, for those with an adventurous bent, I can imagine this becoming a useful media and app device.


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