Friday, December 16, 2011

Dan MacFarlane - Darkside Natas Spin

This is being called a "Cyber Spin" because it was done at 3am on Cyber Monday. It's a bomb drop dark landing, foot kick off a handrail, 360 dark spin, to half flip out. Cyber Spin! Inspired by Mark Gonzales and his first ever darkslide, which he bomb dropped into down a handrail... Also, Natas Kaupas with his Natas spin. Shot with an iPhone as a random clip for Facebook. A full part is being worked on now. Your mentality has everything to do with riding a skateboard and the lifestyle that goes along with it. Mentality was created to send this message through our art, products, and skating styles. Since 2003. Right now you can Save 20% on complete Mentality Skateboards and get FREE Super Saver Shipping from, so pick one up! The black Brainwave is being used in the video. LINK!


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