Monday, January 9, 2012

Loyalize to power Spike TV CES Broadcast

Loyalize to power Spike TV CES Broadcast Posted by Natan Edelsburg on January 5, 2012

Loyalize, the poll-focused social TV startup that powered a Spike TV show back in September, will be powering the network?s broadcast of CES next week. Viewers of the broadcast will be able to drive interview questions, vote on their gadget favorites (not just once-and-done voting, but thousands of fans seeing what thousands of other fans are voting on at the exact second it is happening) from their smartphones/tablets and laptops.

CES is going to be an exciting time for social TV as new technology is revealed that might force some of the established platforms to rethink how consumers might use Connected-TVs, tablets and more. Todd Greene, CEO of Loyalize, answered a few questions about the partnership.

Lost Remote: How does this integration for CES work?

Todd Greene: During the CES All Access broadcast on Spike, the viewing audience will use�Loyalize�to help drive the direction of the show.� During the broadcast, the audience will be asked various questions such as their opinion of new product announcements, and which questions should be asked of an interviewee.� As the audience uses their smartphones, tablets, and laptops to express their opinions, the vote tallies will be updated 5 times/second and sent back to each phone, tablet, and laptop.� Also, the same vote tally is broadcast live, so the entire viewing audience can see the immediate results of the voting as it occurs.� And because the audience is allowed to vote multiple times, the opinions of the most passionate viewers will be reflected higher.

LR: What are the goals?

TG: With�Loyalize, Spike has been able to involve the viewing audience with the live broadcast, creating a ?feedback loop? between the nationwide audience and the broadcast.� This opens up a completely new genre of TV programming, where the viewing audience can, in real-time, affect the outcome of the show.� The�Loyalize�participation technology provides Spike:

(a) A new revenue opportunity for advertiser sponsorship of the�Loyalize�Live Polls technology.
(b) A mechanism to engage the audience and increase the total size of the viewing audience, and the length of time they spend watching the broadcast.

LR: How is this going to make CES more social via the TV broadcast?

TG: CES is when super-fans of consumer electronics and gaming platforms express their passion for the new products being released.� WithLoyalize, Spike is giving those super-fans around the world a way to participate in the excitement of CES and influence the CES conversation.

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