Thursday, May 19, 2011

Exclusive: Gilt Taste Is Cooking Up An iPad App That Will Let You Swipe Without Touching

Earlier today, Gilt launched the latest addition to its group-buying sites with Gilt Taste?a very pricey online purveyor of produce, meats, fish, cheese, and other "artisinal" foods. While it's easy to get distracted by the jaw-dropping prices ($50 steaks anyone?), the part I find interesting is that Gilt Taste is also an online magazine. Mouth-watering food photography helps to move the merchandise. The entire design of the site started with what it should look like first on a tablet and then worked backwards to the tiled view on the Web. In fact, a companion iPad app is in the works. When you are cooking in the kitchen, a propped-up iPad would be perfect for reading recipes, except that you wouldn't want to touch it with wet or greasy hands. So instead of swiping, Gilt is prototyping a way to use the camera to create "motion-activated recipes." You would swipe your hands through the air in front of the screen instead of touching it to go through step-by-step recipes, which could include video and more photography.


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