Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ThriftDB Wants To Be The Amazon Web Services Of Search

TechCrunch's Michael Arrington recently wrote a post praising the fighting spirit of a little startup called Octopart. The New York City-based startup is a search engine for electronic parts that enables users to find esoteric doodads and doohickeys through categorical or keyword searches. Once you've found your item, Octopart shows you which distributors sell the part and provides you with a link to buy it. Octopart was financed by Y Combinator back in 2007, and today the Octopart team is launching a new platform live at Disrupt called ThriftDB. ThriftDB, also backed by Paul Graham, and several other angels, is being referred to as "the Amazon Web Services of search". In the process of building Octopart search, the team says, they were forced to solve various scaling and performance issues related to implementing their search; they were unhappy with existing solutions, so they built their own.


blame it on the alco... you oughta know

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